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Award Winning Company!

2005 Winner

2006 Winner

Silvercash Wins best Affiliate Company of the year for 2005, 2006 and 2007!
Silvercash Summary

High Definition and Wide Screen Websites
HD Definition: HD is the current commercial market‘s highest digital format. HD signals will deliver an excellent picture with noticeable pixilation. The colors will generally look more realistic, due to their greater bandwidth. The visual information is about 2-5 times more detailed overall. HD programming and films are presented in widescreen format. Standard files display in a letterbox version. The increased clarity and detail make larger screen sizes more comfortable and pleasing to watch. Paired with Dolby Surround Sound, audio broadcast allows the full experience of surround sound and full visual capabilities.
Source: wikipedia 2006

How Does HD True WideScreen Effect Silvercash Webmasters?
Being the leader in True HD WIDESCREEN, we are confident that our webmasters will have the most technologically advanced product on the affiliate market! With the popularity of pop culture and the end user moving towards HD formats, this will be a value position that our competitors cannot offer. Pair this with $40.00 payouts and you have got the greatest ‘One-Two Punch Combo’.

Best Conversion Ratios and Exclusive Content!
Since 1997 we have provided real ‘value’ and top converting ratios for our webmasters. We execute from our experience and having exclusive True HD Widescreen content allows our webmasters to have a unique product to market. We are confident we have optimized the affiliate formula: fresh exclusive HD content, tour design, webmaster payouts, comprehensive members sections and top conversions ratios will yield the best webmaster experience. Working with SC4 has it’s advantages.

Real Time Accurate Statistics!
Silvercash now uses NATS for stats keeping. This is a well known and respected program which allows our affiliates to do their job more efficiently.

SC Sales Account Management / Webmaster Support - Professional and Knowledgeable Assistance
Each webmaster is given an account manager upon an approved account. Our sales account managers are now available 24/7 to address the demands of the global market. We will provide you PERSONAL and CUSTOMIZED solutions.