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Award Winning Company!

2005 Winner

2006 Winner

Silvercash Wins best Affiliate Company of the year for 2005, 2006 and 2007!
Webmaster Support

SC4 Sales Account Managers
SilverCash is dedicated to delivering the highest level customer support. We provide powerful information, tools, resources and customized solutions that will assist you in making better decisions. Each of the individuals below can be contacted at your convenience.

Director of Sales and Marketing
Hugo O.
E. Hugo@silvercash.com
T. 951.509.7676 Ext.114
ICQ. 160628220

Director of New Business Development and Operations
John V.
E. john@silvercash.com
T. 951.509.7676 Ext.110
ICQ. 243997216

Sales Account Manager - Silvercash, SEO and Media Buys
Jake O.
E. jake@silvercash.com
T. 951.509.7676 Ext.128
ICQ. 365638767

Sales Account Manager - Traffic Analyst
Jeanette S.
E. Jeanette@silvercash.com
T. 951.509.7676 Ext.122
ICQ. 298428145

Help Desk
In addition to instant support via any IM service, Email or Phone, SC4 offers a centralized SC4 Support Center for any general inquiry for our webmasters, surfers, media and partners! Simply choose the type of problem or concern you have and submit the details of your request. All tickets are threaded for easy review! Sign up with SilverCash today and get the help you deserve and demand.