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Award Winning Company!

2005 Winner

2006 Winner

Silvercash Wins best Affiliate Company of the year for 2005, 2006 and 2007!
Tools & Services

SC Silver Sinema Free Content - High Definition Wide Screen
SC provides EXCLUSVIVE HD Wide Screen content for all of our webmasters. We have an abundance of highly quality content. Use our free content to promote any of our high converting sites at your convenience. This is our commitment to making our webmasters the most money online.

SC (FHG) Free Hosted Picture and Movie Galleries
SC combines EXCLUSVIVE HD Wide Screen content with over 10,000 FHG to promote. SC will continue to deliver newly designed FHG. Don‘t worry about additional bandwidth costs, we are hosting the media and absorbing the costs so you don’t. HD Wide Screen has never been so easy.

SilverCash Gallery Generator
SilverCash Gallery Generator is a new SC webmaster marketing tool that allows our webmasters to instantly customize a free hosted PICTURE or MOVIE gallery. You can masterfully create what works best for you. Our user friendly navigation and free content HD Widescreen formats will secure the best positioned galleries for our webmasters.

Multiple Payout Options: Epassporte, Bank Wires or Checks Payouts
To compliment our improved webmaster payouts, SC offers bank wires, check and Epassporte payments on a weekly basis.

Cascade Billing
SC was strategically designed on a cascading billing system. This means that every transaction begins with a primary credit card processor. If the primary processor is not able to process the transaction, it then goes to a secondary processor. In the event the transaction remains unprocessed, we send the transaction to an online check process and finally to a ‘geo targeted‘ payment options.

What does this mean to you? We are providing a multi-step solution for you generate more revenue with SC. We work with numerous payment solution organizations to ensure a transaction that you send to SC will get processed. In turn, you will get paid!

SilverCash Management Console - SMC Statistics System
SilverCash uses the most advanced technology to deliver the most accurate real time stats on the market! We challenge you to compare us against the rest. SMC is a powerful tool that demonstrates detailed stats on a user friendly interface!

SC4 Profit Free - Free Hosting
SC4 continues to offer the best webmaster tools on the market. We give our webmaster free hosting via SC4 Profit Free - Free Host.

Webmasters have the ability to upload movies and images with a fully supported FTP system. There are no bandwidth limitations. There are no disk space limitations. Webmasters are free to upload as much as they need and link to other TGP/MGP/Link List/Etc sites to generate traffic. Contact your SC Sales Account Managers for more details.

SC4 Tool Bar
This tool is a MUST! Check your stats & more without the need to login into SilverCash!! This powerful application has the capability to show you all your stats, alerts you when you pick up a sale, and much more!